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These Skippers will live in our hearts as we sail the waters of Back Bay

Ronald A. Holly
Sail Number 111
1934 – 2020
Soling Building Class of 2011

Ron Holly, a member of the Back Bay Skippers, joined the Soling Building Class of 2011. A skilled woodworker, he not only built and sailed his Soling 1M but spent many enjoyable hours restoring a 1941 mahogany runabout.

Active at the NH Boat Museum, he participated in many of the events scheduled, offering his services as a volunteer in boatbuilding.

Ron relocated to Ft. Myers, Florida several years ago and passed away on July 30 this year.

Ron Holly 1934-2020

Thomas Pickett Magruder Greig
Sail Number 77
Tom Greig
1956 – 2020
Soling Building Class of 2012

Tom Greig, also a member of the Back Bay Skippers, enrolled in the Soling Building Class of 2012. Tom summered in Jamestown, Rhode Island, sailing on the ocean from an early age and later developing an interest in R/C boats. He often participated in the Block Island Race on Jim Bishop’s J/44 Gold Digger and was a frequent member of the Gold Digger crew in races to Bermuda.

Always one of the lead skippers on Back Bay, Tom was a “go to” skipper for both sailing and technical help. Generous with his time and donations to any need the group had, Tom will be missed.


Tom Greig 1956-2020

Anne Clarke Hunt
Sail Number 808
1950 – 2018

Raised in Barnstable, Massachusetts sailing Beetle Cats, Anne was a graduate of Boston University with a degree in physical therapy, a field she practiced throughout her life. Moving to Tuftonboro in 1984, Anne was a talented knitter and was active in the Wolfeboro Recreation Association as well as All Saints Church.

Joining the Back Bay Skippers after receiving a Soling for Christmas in 2016, she brought a smile and her childhood love of sailing to Back Bay.


Anne Hunt 1950-2018

Leonard Walter Abrahamson
Sail Number 40
1944 – 2017
Soling Building Class of 2012

Raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, Lenny served in Vietnam as an aviation mechanic. An industrial arts teacher, he was drawn to anything with an engine, and was involved in drag racing and snowmobiling. On the opposite end of the spectrum he raised Shelties.

Joining the Back Bay Skippers, he enjoyed many hours of sailing with the Soling fleet.


Len Abrahamson 1944-2017

Allen Randlov
1945 -2013
Soling Building Class of 2012

Graduating from Northeastern with a degree in anthropology and earning a doctorate from Johns Hopkins, Allen volunteered for the Peace Corps and was stationed in Sierra Leone. Working for the U.S. State Department, he traveled the world and was assigned as an advocate for providing prosthetics, for which he was honored.

As a Back Bay Skipper he sailed with the best of them.

Alan Randlov 1945-2013

Henning Scherdin
Class of 2010
1940 – 2013

Born in Belgium, Henning had a passion for Formula 1 cars, motorcycles, and sailboats. As a teen, he left to go to sea on the square-rigger Pamir, but fortunately he became sick and the ship sailed without him — and sunk on that trip. A skilled draftsman, Henning became a silk screen printer, but the sea was still calling. He worked on a freighter on the Baltic Sea to Sweden and Norway then on the Oldenburg across the Atlantic to the U.S. He rode an Austrian motorcycle from New Hampshire to South America and ended up as a silk screener of circuit boards with Siemen, eventually working for Lydall in Ossipee.

Sailing his Soling 1M on Back Bay brought back memories of larger ships.





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Henning Scherdin 1940 – 2013

Thank you for a great season!  The museum is now closed until spring 2021.

Thank you for a great season!  The museum is now closed until spring 2021.