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Have you ever walked along the Cotton Valley Rail-Trail on Back Bay in Wolfeboro on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon and seen a group of men and women jumping with excitement as they raced radio-controlled model yachts? Have you ever wondered what that was all about?

Here’s the lowdown: Those men, women, and children are the Back Bay Skippers from the Model Yacht Group and they’re racing radio-controlled model yachts they built themselves. Building and racing the sailboats is their hobby. Their mission is to promote radio-controlled sailing in the Wolfeboro area. And they fulfill that mission by building their own sailing fleet and then racing the boats for fun and for the enjoyment of the people who watch. In 2008 the New Hampshire Boat Museum and the Laconia Model Yacht Club helped them organize their Model Yacht Group.

If you happen by, they’d love for you to watch and ask questions. If you want to try racing a model sailboat yourself, they always have an extra one handy for you to use. Once you try your own hand at racing a model sailboat, you’re bound to get hooked!

If you want to join them in the fun, the Back Bay Skippers can help you make your own model yacht. Every summer they hold a model boat-building workshop in which they help people make model yachts to race.


         Whether you’re interested in watching or racing, the Back Bay Skippers are always happy to see you drop by.

Whether model yachting to you is a sport or a hobby, you will be among
over 3,000 people who share your enthusiasm for this growing industry.

–The American Model Yachting Association –

Thanks for a great season! We are now closed for the winter.  See you in the spring of 2022!

Thanks for a great season! We are now closed for the winter.  See you in the spring of 2022!