Boat building is full for 2018. Look for registration for 2019 in the fall. Have a great summer!

Is your dream building a boat from scratch? Maybe you’ve wanted to but didn’t know where to start and what the cost would be? Our boat building program gives you the opportunity to build your own boat from a kit using high quality materials at a reasonable cost. During the class you will use our tools and learn boat-building skills from our experienced staff and volunteers in a friendly environment. The result will be a beautiful boat you’ll be proud to use on our area lakes. If you take good care of your boat, it will last for years.

At the end of each 10-day session, we’ll hold a special launch on Lake Wentworth to celebrate the completion of your boat.

Adult & Family Boat Building
July 7th – 15th
Classes: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Adult & Family Application

This boat building session for adults and families lets adults work by themselves or team up with younger family members. You can choose from the following kinds of boats:

• Bevin’s skiff
• One-person canoe
• One-person kayak
• Opti sailboat
• Paddleboard

We allow extra time to build the Opti sailboat and the Paddleboard. So if you select the others, you might finish your boat a little early.

Youth Boat Building
July 30th – August 10th
Classes: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Youth Application

This boat building session is for boys and girls ages 12 and up. You will be taught how to safely use hand tools and a limited number of power tools. You can choose from the following kinds of boats:

• One-person canoe
• One-person kayak
• Bevin’s skiff
• Opti Sailboat

We hope all youths who are interested in building a boat have the opportunity to participate in this program. Scholarships are available for youth who want to build a canoe. Scholarships are awarded to those who might not otherwise be able to participate due to financial need. To apply for a canoe scholarship, please fill out the Scholarship Application

Registration Fee
There is a $60 surcharge for not-yet-members and a $30 surcharge for Museum members.

Kit Cost
SIX HOUR CANOE – one-person plywood canoe. Cost: $695
KAYAK – one person kayak which can hold a maximum weight of 160 pounds. Cost: $995
PADDLEBOARD – 12′ 6″ long. Cost: $1,195
BEVIN’S SKIFF –11′ 6″ skiff that can hold several adults and can be adapted to handle a small outboard motor. Cost: $1,195

How to Apply:
PAY ONLINE: please click either the Adult and Family or Youth application button above.
After paying online please fill out and mail the medical form to the Museum.

PAY BY MAIL: print out the appropriate application – Adult & Family or Youth – along with the the medical form, fill out and send with payment to:
New Hampshire Boat Museum, Boat Building, P.O. Box 1195, Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896-1195

For further information contact us at 603-569-4554 or email:

Youth Scholarships

Build A Canoe!

The Museum hopes that all interested youth have the opportunity to participate in the boat building program. Scholarships are available for the Canoe only Please complete the Scholarship Application.

Boat Building Scholarship Donations: If you would like to support our scholarship program to help children with the desire to learn boat building, please donate now.