While our founding was based on the preservation, restoration and love of vintage wood boats, the reality is we have become much, much more.

The creation of the George F. Johnson Building, a year-round facility, at the New Hampshire Boat Museum’s Back Bay waterfront location will create a significant impact on Wolfeboro, the region and beyond. With its new central location, visitors will be able to come via car, trolley, boat or on foot. There they will be find a museum of discovery, learning, and fun where visitors, young and old, can actively engage in learning about New Hampshire’s boating, lake history and ecology, while enjoying the splendid lake-side setting.

90% of what we do is about education • 100% of what we do is about our lakes.

The new Museum will serve as a key educational and economic engine for the area, proudly displaying the region’s unique wooden boat history while attracting more visitors, students and families through expanded exhibits and hands-on program offerings in an impressive new facility. And it will honor George F. Johnson – a man whose defining legacy will now be preserved for generations to come. George’s passion for wooden boats and sharing the history was inspirational. The founders of the museum, along with George, and many other volunteers, passionate about the boating heritage on the fresh waters of New Hampshire helped to grow the museum into what it is today.  We invite you to consider being a part of the next phase of the New Hampshire Boat Museum as we progress forward into a year-round entity.  You have a wonderful opportunity to make history with us!

Be a part of our future! To learn how, please call the Museum office at 603-569-4554 or email Martha Cummings at director@nhbm.org.


We don’t sit in boats, we SAIL the boats.

We don’t watch the lake, we SHOW you the lake.
We don’t walk down memory lane, we MAKE memory lane.
We don’t relax at the docks, we RACE from the docks.
We don’t buy boats, we BUILD boats.



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Thanks for a great season! We are now closed for the winter.  See you in the spring of 2022!

Thanks for a great season! We are now closed for the winter.  See you in the spring of 2022!