Between 30 – 50 vintage boats representing several classes from small outboards to Grand Prix hydroplanes will run exhibition heats in groups on a one mile oval shaped course throughout the day Friday and Saturday. Other classes of boats include Jersey Skiffs and Gold Cup racing boats will also run. The sights and sounds of these great boats running are enjoyed by several thousand people at the Wolfeboro Public Docks. There is no admission charge to view the heats on Friday and Saturday.

Spectator participation is encouraged!

The New Hampshire Boat Museum sells race boat rides that can be taken between heats on a variety of race boats with their drivers. Proceeds from these rides help support the educational programs and exhibits of the New Hampshire Boat Museum. The Museum also offers pit passes to the “Hot Pits” both days. Spectators are also welcome to come to all the evening events to meet the drivers as well as support the New Hampshire Boat Museum.

We are grateful to the following sponsors that help to make this event successful!
If you are interested in sponsorship of the Regatta, please email