2020 Week of July 13 – 17 

9AM – 3:30PM

Do you want to build your own model yacht and race them with Back Bay Skippers? If so, the Back Bay Skippers run a model yacht building workshop in the summer! The week long workshop runs the second, full week of July at the New Hampshire Boat Museum. There are two model yacht designs to choose from that you’ll build in the workshop.

If you’ve never worked with woodworking tools or built a model sailboat before, don’t worry. The Back Bay Skippers provide a friendly, stress-free environment. They also are expert boat builders and will guide you each step of the way in making your own model sailboat. You will buy the hull and the Back Bay Skippers will supply all the parts you need, including the sails. You will have to supply the paint, though, because color is an individual choice. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a radio-controlled boat you will be proud to sail. To race your boat, you also will have to buy a radio kit, which includes the radio, servos, wiring, and a switch.

Please email museum@nhbm.org for more information

You can choose between one of two model yachts:

Soling 1 Meter Model Yacht

1 Meter Soling Hull Kit: $250 
Radio Kit: $165 Spektrum or $100 Hobby King

Soling 1 Meter Application



US 12 Model Yacht

Please inquire about our US 12 Hull Kits 

US 12 Application