Model Yachting News • July 7, 2020

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Written by Tim & BB Wright
Mark Whitehead
Editing Kathleen Whitehead
Layout Paul McBride

US12s – July 2, 2020
The US12s had a good sailing day on Thursday, July 2. The wind was present most of the time, giving everyone a chance to sail in eight races. Upon arrival, we noticed that the outer starting buoy had moved noticeably to the left. A closer inspection revealed that a weight had come off and we were fortunate to still have the mark relatively close by. Tim Wright was able to come up with an alternate plan, and we ended up with a good starting line. The buoy will be back in place on Tuesday with a new anchor attached.

US12s Headed for the Mark

There were seven US12s, and two Solings in the mix. The Solings were sailed for the first time in competition by Hunter and Evan Reyes, grandsons of Jeannie Lewis. Their boats had been brought up to speed by Don McBride, making sure both boats were functioning correctly.

Once at Back Bay, the boys were welcomed by everyone there. Before scoring the races, B.B. Wright made sure the boys were photographed as they prepped and launched their boats. Bob Brennan and Don M. helped them figure out how to get the boats moving, and everyone else offered them encouragement and sailing tips. As some of the sailors left for the day, two US12s were freed up, and both boys were given the chance to sail what everyone else had been sailing.

Evan and Hunter Reyes Ready for Action
Bob Brennan Gives Evan Reyes Sailing Instructions

Bob Brennan consistently worked with Hunter and Evan, helping them learn to navigate the course and gain needed concentration and confidence. The boys did a very good job for their first day. Evan had some good finishes with his Soling, and Hunter, sailing a US12, even won his first race!

Don McBride showed some consistent sailing strategies and finished second in four straight races before he had to leave. Diane LaBella also did well before she left, gaining insight and experience each time she races.

Paul McBride’s results improved as the day went on, and he finished first in one of the later races. Jim Opie is getting back in the groove and enjoying his time at Back Bay. His father, Don, continues to be a faithful observer and welcome friend.

Kurt Clason is a determined new sailor, learning how to get the most out of his boat. Today, he realized that his mast had a little too much bend in it, but with Kurt’s woodworking skills, it won’t be long before he has a new, strong, lightweight mast.

Later in the day, Kurt had the chance to sail one of Tim’s US12s and he quickly noticed the difference — although Tim didn’t show Kurt how to activate the booster jets since Tim only uses them when he’s at the controls!

Paul McBride Launches His Pride and Joy
US12s In Action

With those jets, Tim won six races, but acknowledges the improvements in his competitors’ skills. He thanks the other sailors for always pushing him to be his best.

It’s nice to be able to get outside and sail with a fun group of sailors who enjoy racing and each other’s company. Many thanks to all those who make it possible, for the people who offer to help put things away at the end, to our scorekeeper, B.B., and to our loyal spectators.

Introducing Our Newest Skippers
Joining our group this week were Evan and Hunter Reyes. Escaping from the summer heat of Florida, they spend their summers in Alton. Normally, they attend camp and join the Wolfeboro sailing program, but not this summer. We encourage the younger generation to join us, so the Back Bay Skippers welcomed them to our group.

It Takes Concentration Concentration
Hunter Wins a Race

Usually a first-time skipper never wins a race, but that’s exactly what happened when Hunter took the helm of a US12 this week. He hit the start and would not relinquish the lead, fighting off the fleet behind him. Congratulations certainly go to Hunter for his impressive win!

Lily Pond, July 5
The sailing at Lily Pond was outstanding on Sunday, July 5. Upon arrival, sailors noticed that two of the marks were at the other side of the pond. Good thing there’s a crash boat for situations like this. Tim Wright took a scenic tour of Lily Pond while returning the two wayward buoys to their proper positions.

Nice Breeze on Lily Pond
Tim Wright's US12

There was a good turnout, and another Rick Parent sighting. Bill Hagerup, Skip and Ellen Koehler, Paul McBride, Diane LaBella, Jim and Don Opie, Chris Fields, and B.B. and Tim Wright were there for sailing and camaraderie.

Unfortunately, Bill arranged only two hours of wind for a three-hour sailing event. There was a definite drop off in the wind at 11:00.


Tim forgot to bring the starting clock — it’s always something! — but there was a successful workaround. B.B. called out the times from her watch to Bill who, with a booming voice announced the time left before each start. We had many races with three classes sailing at once. People had the chance to sail different boats, with the Solings and the Santa Barbara getting good workouts. The US12s, however, were still the boat of choice.

US12 and Soling at Lily Pond
Rick Parent's Santa Barbara

Rick’s S/B has had a brand new, beautiful paint job, and it looks great. He was generous and brave to loan it out to anyone who wanted to take a turn with it.

The three children present spent time playing, exploring and waiting for lunch and a possible trip to Funspot.

It was a beautiful day with friendly people who enjoyed the sailing of model boats, either as a sailor or a spectator. We all agree it’s great to be back sailing again.

Rick Parent Sailing Instructor
A Tight Start

The Solings Are Back In Action
After last week’s complete washout, Tuesday, July 7, gave us a glorious recovery day. The sun was out, there was a breeze, and the temperature was in the 70’s. Fourteen skippers launched for an eight-race regatta with as many as three dozen spectators enjoying our sport as much as we do.

Skip Koehler gets the bummer award for the day when he did a number on his boat just getting it out of the car! Back to the repair shop!

The Skippers
Helping Hand

The other faux pas was made by Mac MacDonald, who glued his jib sheet to his fairlead! He finally got it back in action at the end of the regatta.

Out on the Water
A bit of a quandary on bragging rights this week. Yes, Tim Wright took the win for the day, but I think we have to give second to Don McBride. Mac Macdonald scored two-tenths better, but he sailed in only two races and we like to see 50 percent participation. Rick Gates pulled off the third-place slot, but fourth was another puzzlement. Dan Masessa and Mark Whitehead tied for fourth, but Don Cundy, having rudder issues, scored three-tenths better but in only three races. Who cares? We all had a great time! There was no question about Diane LaBella’s place in the top five, her performance highlighted by a win in the first race.

Dan Masessa Takes the Lead
Two Dragon Flite 95s in Action

We had seven different race winners out of eight races, this week, which shows just how close the competition is — some of that attributed to the ten-sailor maximum, but shhhhhhh!

Really Really Stiff Competition
Guess Who Got Stuck on the Whaler

Join Us if You Like
But please maintain at least that six-foot distance. Bring your camera for the show but also bring and wear a face mask. Sailing always begins at 1:00 p.m. on Back Bay at the Lehner Street/Glendon Street municipal parking area, weather permitting. Solings sail on Tuesday, the US12s compete on Thursday, and “what you brung” at 9 a.m. Sunday, at Lily Pond in Gilford. Wednesdays are available should a Tuesday or Thursday regatta have to be canceled.

Your Family Can Join the fun