Model Yachting News • December 2019

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Seasons Greetings

It has been a great year for racing Solings and US12s, not unduly hindered by milfoil, and thanks to the new Wednesday rain date, added this year, not as affected by bad weather. Tim Wright started out the season by winning the Sasquatch Footy Regatta, and proceeded to win just about everything else.

News Flash! Sasquatch Footy Regatta scheduled for May 30, 2020.

Lots of other class boats sailed with us over the course of the season: Marblehead, Santa Barbara, Soling 50, Dragron Flite 95, Dragon Force 65, T65, Serenity, J Boat, a Chinese Junk, and Footys – RC controlled and free-sailing. Next year we might also see a couple of Whirlwind J Boats, and a V36. The club hosted one regional event: The Sasquatch Footy Regatta in the Nor’easter Footy Series.

Club members volunteered to help with parking for the NHBM auction, and help on the docks for the biennial Vintage Race Boat Regatta in Wolfeboro Bay. Club members also competed in regional events at Stowe Vermont, Nashua New Hampshire, and at Needham and Marblehead Massachusetts. Next year will be even better. Watch out for more DF95s and DF65s as these are the fastest growing classes in the AMYA.

Mark Whitehead and Tim Wright were Starters for the Vintage Race Boat Regatta
A beautiful but calm day for sailing. Photo by Diane LaBella.

Long Live the Soling 1 Meter Class

As the Back Bay Skippers was started to race Solings, and most members sail Solings, loosing the original manufacturer and supplier of the Soling kits has caused considerable concern. It is also of concern to the AMYA, as the Soling 1M Class has the largest number of boats registered to AMYA members. Tim Stone, AMYA Soling 1 Meter Class Secretary elect, sent out a status report on the S1M kits to be made by the new manufacturer. No dates for availability of the new kits have been announced but they are making progress. Hopefully kits will be available for the next Summer building class. There seems to be enough used boats for new members, but building a boat yourself increases the level of commitment and the experience helps in adjustment, and any repairs that may be required in the future.

Nashua Model Yacht Club

Rick Gates, a Back Bay Skipper member, has been working several years at establishing the Nashua Model Yacht Club in Nashua New Hampshire. He has hosted several regional events there including the 2019 AMYA Region 1 US12 Championship, and several events in the Nor’easter Footy Regatta series in 2018 and 2019. A club meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2020 at the Pine Street Eatery, Nashua NH, at1 PM. For more information contact Rick Gates at

Rick Gates with his Dragon Flite 95 (DF95)
Spring Skippers Party

Mark and Kathleen

Commodore Mark Whitehead has been occupied taking care of his wife, Kathy, who is recovering at home from a recent fall. Best wishes to Kathy for a speedy recovery. We’re all looking forward to another of her cunningly devised challenging games to choose the winner of the door prize at the next Spring Skippers Party.

News Articles

If any of the “off” season sailors in Florida have any photos, videos, or stories of their sailing adventures, there’s room for them here in the Back Bay Skippers News. Go ahead, make the rest of us jealous!


Wishing Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year to skippers everywhere.