Model Yachting News • Week Ending August 1, 2020

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Written by Mark Whitehead
Editing Kathleen Whitehead
Photos by Paul McBride, B.B. Wright, Brooks Campbell, Mark Whitehead, Don Cundy
Layout Paul McBride

Lily Pond Sailing
Five “what you brungs” showed up Sunday, July 26, for another fun morning on Lily Pond as can be seen in the photos.

Getting Ready for Action on Lily Pond
We Always Attract Some Visitors to Lily Pond
Headed for the Finish

Back Bay Spectacular
July 28 produced another great day on the shores of Back Bay, sixteen skippers and their Solings heading for the start line in their assigned heats. We didn’t quite reach the twelve races we completed last week, but we were close at eleven. Competition was always tight, and this week there were five different skippers who had first-place finishes and seven who captured second.

The cloud cover kept temperatures at a reasonable level, and the winds held for most of the afternoon.

Pre-Regatta Lineup
Solings off the Line

All in the Family
After participating in the 2020 building class, Tom and John Barstow and Genie Ware took to Back Bay for some competitive sailing. (And I think they really had a good time.) Tom even squeaked in a top-ten overall regatta finish. It takes time to learn the skills but everyone pitches in to help — one of the great things about our group.

Genie Ware and John Barstow Working Hard
Tom Barstow

Tom Barstow with Genie Ware Giving Chase

Out on the Water
This week’s top contenders were Tim Wright and Howard Germon, only 1.2 points separating the two. Dan Masessa was right in there again this week with a third place, followed by Don Cundy then Don McBride. In several races, Denis Boisvert, Diane LaBella, Jay Burns, Mark Whitehead, Tom Barstow, and Bruce Brown sailed near the front and showed some sailing prowess.

Dan Masessa #27 and Howard Germon #76 Fight It Out
The Launch of US12s

US12 Sailing
The sailing on the last Thursday of July was spirited and enjoyable. There were seven US12s, with a couple of Solings sailed by the Reyes brothers. With the wind showing its fickle side, we struggled with too little wind and occasional good breezes.

All of the sailors had their strong moments due to the variable winds. Many of the finishes were close, and places changed at the last minute. The level of competition was high for all of us.

US12s in Action

B.B. Wright was in the chair, keeping the score and keeping us honest at the start. Don Cundy was everywhere today, sailing, taking pictures, and repairing the canvas cover to the crash boat. Always ready to compete, Don tried his hand at the helm of a couple of different boats and did very well.

Today's Photographer Don Cundy
US12s off the Line

We also had a family of three former catamaran live-aboards come by and watch, take pictures, and try sailing. Ed, the father, used #400 and improved over the afternoon with a respectable fourth-place finish near the end of sailing. His wife watched intently while their son took pictures with an incredible telephoto lens.

It was a nice time and a wonderful day on the shores of Back Bay. Definitely one of the good ones!

Join Us if You Like
But please maintain at least that six-foot distance. Bring your camera for the show but also bring and wear a face mask. Sailing always begins at 1:00 p.m. on Back Bay at the Lehner Street/Glendon Street municipal parking area, weather permitting. Solings sail on Tuesday, the US12s compete on Thursday, and “what you brung” at 9 a.m. Sunday at Lily Pond in Gilford. Wednesdays are available should a Tuesday or Thursday regatta have to be canceled.

Rounding the Down Wind Mark
Simon and Julia Korin Get a Sailboat Kit to Share
Julia Checks Out the Sailboat Kit While Simon Sails a Soling