Owner/Driver: Douglas Bindrim

Designer: Dodge Historic

Location: Laconia, New Hampshire

Boat History:

Sister Syn is a 32′ 1925 Dodge Boat Works race boat designed by George Crouch still retaining its original hull. The boat was built for Delphine Dedge Cromwell, sister of famed race boat driver, auto magnate, and owner of Dodge Boat Works, Horace E. Dodge Jr.

This is one of the most original and historic boats at this year’s Regatta. It is powered by a Curtiss 50 HP 12 cyl. engine with 1570 cu. in. The boat is 35 ft. long, and its racing history includes the 1927 Sweepstakes race in Detroit, MI and in that same year, the President’s Cup in Washington, D.C.

The Ketcham Boat Yard in Amityville, NY completed the restoration in 1983. They replaced 20 plus ribs, the floor timbers, and the main stringers in the engine beds. In 1991, NE Boat & Engine Co., in Laconia, NH rebuilt the deck and cockpit to the original 1927 specifications. Owner, Doug Bindrim has over 29 years of racing experience in the Pro Outboard Division of the APBA.