Owner/Driver: Beale Tilton

Designer: E&T Marine

Location: Coconut Creek, Florida

Boat History:

Description:  Rowdy II is a 13 foot E&T Marine V hull built by Bill Edwards and Beale Tilton in 1969. It won the 1969 OPC FE Class Marathon Nationals driven by Bart Mettam and Beale Tilton.  Later that year it set a FG kilo record.

At the end of the season it along with a Mercury 700 DR were sold to a customer.  After the original sale it changed hands many times including at one time being owned by Beale’s brother.

Around 2011 it was discovered in a Ridge, MD junkyard.  Time had not been good to Rowdy.  It was full of water and leaves.  A tree had fallen on it, breaking both sides of the deck.  Seats, seat tank, steering, floor, etc. were missing.

Bill tried to buy, but the owner thought he had a valuable famous boat.  2013 Bill bought the boat for $100 delivered.  (Guess he figured out it wasn’t so valuable after all).  He then set about structurally restoring the boat.  Replace some of the balsa core in the bottom, new wood in the transom and all the missing listed above.  He added a restored 75+ HP Chrysler and turned the rig over to Beale to campaign in Vintage and Historic events.

Beale along with his son Duane have attempted to restore the appearance somewhat.  Not an easy task do to all the damage the boat has suffered.

Presently Duane is handing the driving when available.  When he isn’t Beale is once again behind the wheel enjoying the social aspect of being with old and new V&H friends.