Owner/Driver: John H. Kirschner

Designer: Kirshner (Lauterback)

Boat History:

Owner: John H. Kirschner. Driver: Scott Kirschner, Sparrows Point, MD
A 2006 Ted Jones design that was built by Custom Marine, this is a 266 class H hydroplane. It is the only all-welded aluminum hull hydroplane on the vintage circuit, and has fiberglass cowlings designed by Lauterbach. The hull is 19’8″ long. The boat is powered by a Chevy 550 HP 8 cylinder 355 cu. in. engine. The engine runs Hilborn fuel injection on methanol fuel and a Vertex magneto ignition system. The engine was built by JB’s Auto Machine, Inc. The current owner started racing in 1963 with an International 266 class F-24 Nitro Special. In 1965, he had Charlie Lloyd build a new 266 Miss Supersonic F-266 hydroplane. In 2006, the owners built the current Miss Supersonic II F-266 hydroplane. The driver, Scott A. Kirschner, is the owner’s second son. He started running Miss Supersonic II in 2006 as the driver of the future on the vintage circuit.