Owner/Driver: Jay Klinkhamer

Designer: Rayson Craft

Location: Pelham, New Hampshire

Boat History:

Built in 1976 by Rayson Craft, designed by Randy Ramos, this is an 18’ sprint flat bottom boat built for the supper stock racing class with the original hull. It sports a Chevy 245 HP 8 cylinder 305 cu. in. engine. The boat was found in a barn in Alton, NH without an engine. The owner built a 305 Chevrolet engine to replicate the original 327 engine. It pulled marathon ski racers on Lake Winnipesaukee. Jay Klinkhamer, the current driver, has been a rider and driver at various American Power Boat Association vintage events for the last 10 years. He has previous pit crew experience with 5 liter hydroplanes for over 12 years.