Owner/Driver: Donnie McLean

Location: Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Boat History:

Flashback is a 17’ 1957  Correct Craft acquired in 1983 by Jeff Magnuson as a discarded utility/ski boat which Jeff completely restored and in the process was converted to a V driven “California Style” ski boat fulfilling his youthful dream of building and driving a California “SK”.

The hull is strictly original “57” Correct Craft in form but built to handle her new power plant, a 1957 392 cubic inch Chrysler Fire Power HEMI now after some rework coming in at about 406 cubic inches. Jeff ran the boat for many years in serious racing events as well as APBA Vintage demonstrations, and she has always done well with the HEMI being destroyed once in 1989 while running in the ‘89 “Wine Country Race, and eventually destroying her V drive at an event in Clayton NY in 2008. I am fortunate to have acquired her from Jeff in late 2011 and have worked as much as possible through the years to put her back into service while keeping her faithful to Jeff’s design with a couple of meaningful upgrades.

Originally there was no neutral so she was seriously a point and shoot set up with no easy way to trailer fire or do any warm up in the water.  I searched to find a suitable V drive replacement and ended up with a Casale “Old Style” top loader with forward neutral and reverse. After the set up was complete the V drive with crash box tranni was completely rebuilt by Jeff Buckley. The trim tabs had originally been in a fixed position not adjustable “on the fly” so I added the gear needed to make them “active”. There was no charging system on board so I added a 70 amp alternator (fun mounting on an old HEMI).

Probably the most important upgrade was the addition of a harmonic damper, rarely seen on a “snout driven” power takeoff. This was accomplished by replacing the standard takeoff with a BHJ damper designed to accept a blower drive coupled with a power takeoff flange designed and machined by Tony Coco, Coco Engineering. This takeoff flange also drives the water pump and alternator.

Flash Back saw the light of day for the first time in 6 years on August 19, 2017 and was successfully “sea trialed” on August 20. The goal was to have Flashback ready for the 2017 Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta.