Owner/Driver: Bob Mueller

Designer: GarWood modified

Location: Alton, New Hampshire

Boat History:

This is a 2008 reproduction of a GarWood Gentleman’s Racer. The bare hull was completed by the Fish Brothers of Queensbury, New York and  the 383 Chevy stroker engine dynoed at 450HP and was built by Larry’s Auto Machine of Stonington, CT. The boat was completed and is maintained by the Vintage Race Boat Shop in Wolfeboro, NH. Compulsion had its debut at the 2008 Vintage Race Boat Regatta in Clayton, NY, where it ran very well, at the front of the pack all weekend long. It is also one of the few gentleman’s racers on the vintage circuit running a small block. The current driver is Bob Mueller who has been an avid boater all his life. From driving pleasure yachts to ski boats to fishing boats, Bob has driven on both fresh and salt water. He has been driving for over 7 years on the American Power Boat Association Vintage Circuit, participating  at regattas in Buffalo, Clayton and Lake George, as well as the Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta.