Model Yachting News • November 2019

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The Sailing Season Ends
On November 4 the dock was pulled and put away for the winter. Another successful season with fifty five events participated in by 1254 people.

Front Row L to R: Paul McBride, Anthony Quinn, Jerry Leach, Mark Whitehead

Back Row: Larry Gil, John Simms, Paul Wallace, Skip Koehler, Diane LaBella, John Russell, Tim Wright, Jim Opie, Howard Germon

The Top Ten
Skippers must sail in 50 percent of the regattas to be considered for end-of-season awards. From those who completed that requirement, the top ten from each class are listed below.


Congratulations to all the skippers for a rewarding season!

US12 Fleet

        1. Tim Wright
        2. Bill Hagerup
        3. Don Cundy
        4. Don McBride
        5. Jerry Leach
        6. Paul McBride
        7. Jim Opie
        8. Paul Wallace

Soling Sailor Class Fleet

        1. Don McBride
        2. Paul McBride
        3. Denis Boisvert
        4. Paul Wallace
        5. Diane LaBella
        6. Mac MacDonald
        7. Jack Minahan
        8. Skip Koehler
        9. Al Stevens
        10. Bruce Brown

Soling Master Class Fleet

        1. Tim Wright
        2. Rick Lalley
        3. Tom Greig
        4. Dan Masessa
        5. Don Cundy
        6. Rick Gates
        7. Anthony Quinn
        8. Mark Whitehead
        9. Bob Brennan
        10. Tim Brand