Model Yachting News • July 30, 2019

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Lake Discovery Camp Sails
On July 25, just before the US 12 regatta, several participants in Lake Discovery Camp visited Back Bay to take the helm of our US 12s and Solings. After brief instructions, they launched their boats to experience this popular hobby.

Lake Discovery Camp

US 12 Regatta July 25

Don McBride, No. 10, reports good winds today, July 25, much better than expected. The direction, however, wasn’t dependable for long as it had a tendency to shift at critical moments.

Tim took the afternoon off and lent me his chair, which I found helped my skills immeasurably. Bonnie was scorekeeper/race master today and managed to keep us under control most of the time.

Bill Hagerup was the day’s top scorer, with eight firsts and one second-place finish. Tom Greig had one first and five seconds, and both Don Cundy and Don McBride had one first, two seconds, and three thirds. Don Cundy’s crew got hungry in the middle of one race and headed No. 70 for Wolfetrap Grill!

It was a beautiful day on the water, and we sailed until we got tired after a total of ten races.

Hard Charging US 12's

Hot Day – No Results
Seeing the weed boat in Back Bay, we knew we were in trouble. The divers were down collecting the milfoil but, as usual, they never got all the scraps. The very first race had eight to ten weed calls, so scoring was immediately suspended and we switched to relaxed racing — if you believe that, I have a bridge! Let’s hope we get a good rain to flush the bay.

Weed Sucker
Mac MacDonald found a few weeds on his boat
Paul, why did you sail into the weeds?

Practice Pays
Let it be a lesson to new and old skippers, when you practice you get better. Diane Labella has worked hard to improve her skills. Sailing twice a week so she can be competitive, it finally paid off with her first win. Leading from start to finish, Diane got a jump on the fleet and held the lead all the way. She was presented with the traditional, highly coveted first-win water bottle.

Diane Labella takes a win
A little help from friends

Out on the Water
We didn’t have the pressure of a scored regatta, but we continued to challenge each other for bragging rights — yup, we do that now and then! We did launch twenty-one boats, so the bay was full most of the day. The experienced guys worked with some in the Sailor Class to give them a boost. There was boat tinkering as well, leading to improved sailing. All of which wouldn’t happen with a scored regatta. Nice to see.

Just another day on Back Bay

Join the fun

Join the Fun
If you don’t want to build a boat, we’ll help you find a used one. Don’t want to sail? Just come and watch — we put on a great show every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 1:00 PM, weather permitting. Be sure to bring your camera

Thank you for a great season!  The museum is now closed until spring 2021.

Thank you for a great season!  The museum is now closed until spring 2021.