Featured Artists:

Peter Ferber, painter

August 31 – September 30, 2020

“Paint what you love” was advice given me early in my career.  Right out of college in the midwest, working as a free-lance designer and illustrator, when I did paintings I would often draw on subjects from my New England roots.  Later when I moved back to New Hampshire, I really came into my own when I focused on what I loved most–my summers growing up at our cottage in Wolfeboro on Lake Winnipesaukee.  In the early 90’s I became aware of the interest in antique boats.  I had always loved seeing them around as a child–and our first boat was my grandfather’s Lyman outboard, which we used far into the fiberglass era–much to my dismay at the time!  So, following the advice, “paint what you love”, I began to do paintings of these classic boats.  I made contact with boat restorers in the Lakes Region, and from there was approached to do the posters for the annual New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, which I have done since 1994.  Beyond just displaying certain boats, these posters show a bit of the history and boating life in New Hampshire over the past 100 years.  All this allowed me the transition from my work as a commercial artist, to being a full-time painter.

I’ve also enjoyed my association with the New Hampshire Boat Museum, combining my love of history and boats.  One of my landmark commissions was to do a piece for the Museum of The Weirs in the 1920’s.  This involved fascinating research to recreate a view including the accurate depiction of buildings, boats, and the many activities going on there at that period.  This was published by the Museum as a limited edition print.  Since then I’ve also done 2 posters for the bi-annual Vintage Race Boat Regatta the Museum puts on.

It’s especially satisfying to work on projects that benefit organizations in the area.  In addition to the Museum, I’ve worked with summer camps, The Great Waters Music Festival, Castle in the Clouds, The Bald Peak Community Fund, and others, to produce artwork that can serve as a fund raiser.  The Castle in the Clouds series was especially interesting given the research involved and the feeling of an era the paintings evoke.  These continue to be available today as prints.

Recently I’ve become known for some cut-paper pieces I’ve developed.  I’ve done a new one especially for this display at the Boat Museum.  It is a rendition of the Museum’s logo (which I did years ago) showing a Goodhue laker long deck launch, modeled after the one currently featured at the Museum.  The boat is done all in white cut and assembled paper.  Then it is set against a lake scene done in watercolor.

“Despite a lifetime as a painter I still only occasionally achieve paintings that inspire me.  So I approach each new piece with a desire to try something new, to push myself a little more toward that goal.

“Beyond the appeal of the scenes themselves, I hope that my work will stir an awareness of the value of  preserving the character and history of this rich landscape we all enjoy.”

Living at Gilman’s Corner in Alton, his work is represented by The Art Place, in Wolfeboro.  A full collection of his work may be seen at: www.theartplace.biz/peter-ferber/.  Further information and additional images of the Antique Boat Poster series can be seen at:  www.necacbs.org, under “Peter Ferber Show Posters”.


Amy Piper, photography

July 15 – August 26, 2020

Come and see the beauty of New Hampshire captured through Amy Piper’s lens.

Amy was given her first camera when she turned 16. Growing up in Connecticut she was inspired by her parents who were both talented artists and photographers. She remembers her Mom developing her own pictures in the family bathroom turned dark room where you had to knock on the door before you entered.

Her passion for photography runs the gamut from nature and landscape photography to texture, abstract, detail and macro photography. Her mother used to tell her that she saw the world through “rose colored glasses”. Amy prefers to think that with her eye for detail, she likes to see the potential beauty in everything and tries to bring that beauty to life through her camera lens for others to enjoy and appreciate.

Amy is also the owner and creative designer of Signature Events, a Wolfeboro-based wedding and event planning company now celebrating 21 years in business. Many of the photos on her event planning website have been taken by Amy unless noted. After years in the making, Amy has decided to become more serious about her photography and has created a 2nd business, Amy Piper Photography. A website is in the works.

Now through August 26, Amy’s work is on display in the Museum.



Thank you for a great season!  The museum is now closed until spring 2021.

Thank you for a great season!  The museum is now closed until spring 2021.