New Hampshire Boat Museum
399 Center Street, Wolfeboro

Saturday, July 14
10:00 AM

Friday, July 13 • Noon – 5:00 PM
Saturday, July 14 • 8:00 -10:00 AM

Important Information For Bidders

Most purchases at the Auction can be made with cash, credit card, or personal check. However, any check totaling $20,000.00 or more will need to be accompanied by a signed Letter of Available Funds from the bank where you have your checking account. This letter a) must be signed by a bank officer, b) indicate that the amount of funds available in your account is equal to or more than the check amount you write to the New Hampshire Boat Museum at the Auction, and c) is dated no earlier than July, 10, 2018.

For purchases of $20,000 or more, possession of your purchase may be delayed until cash is paid, check clears or bank guarantees check clearance.

If you have any questions, please contact the museum at 
603-569-4554 or Auction@nhbm.org.    

Net proceeds benefit the New Hampshire Boat Museum

2018 Auction Items

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