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Always stored covered in a climate controlled environment (garage or storage facility for the last 22 years). Only used on fresh water. Never left in the water when not in use.

Restored by Owl Brook Boat Works, Inc. and sold in April 1995 to a active NHBM member. Then re-sold at the NHBM auction in 2003+/-. What you see is the exact condition it was restored to in 1994/95, the condition it remains in today. Depicted in Peter Ferber's 2001 Antique & Classic Boat Show Poster.

Prior to my purchase there was a repair in the forward hull (see pic), part of the 1995 restoration. The hull as a perfect smooth finish and you cannot tell there has been a repair from the outside. The restorer chose not to pull the whole boat apart to fix it as the rest of the boat did not deserve such invasive action.

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