Model Yachting News • July 16, 2019

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Tim Wright Reports US12 Sailing
The US12 fleet had a great day of sailing on Thursday, July 11. While the wind was fickle, perhaps even more than usual, the people and their shared enjoyment made up for the hardship of wind shifts going the other way. When the wind comes off the land from the parking lot, the shifts can be frequent and dramatic. There was usually enough to keep moving out a little, but sometimes coming back towards the walkway left skippers looking for anything that might help their boats move closer to the inner mark.

Bonnie and John McClun were back from their trip and Bonnie resumed her scoring role. John recently sold his US12 but borrowed a boat for three races, coming in third in one of them. Bob Pacini, a guest two days ago when racing Solings, paid his dues and is now a member of the Back Bay Model Yacht Club. He brought his US12 and sailed like he’s been here before, which he has been over the years. He had two first-place finishes, and made a strong showing for the day, coming in third.

Paul Wallace keeps sailing each day and made an effort to be here on his 49th anniversary, with many thanks to his wife, as there was a lot going on at home. The barn they live in was on a home tour, yet Paul was able to come sailing. Paul is as generous as can be and much appreciated by the group.
Don McBride has been coming on a regular basis, and the sailors welcome his understated humor and good nature.
Paul McBride has been a regular now that his boat is up and running, and his quiet yet generous spirit is part of the reason sailors are starting to come more frequently.

Jim Opie returned after a week away. He missed last week because his father had an operation and is now at home resting comfortably. Don Opie is a frequent spectator to the racing, and we wish him a quick recovery so he can again grace our group with his patience.

Don Cundy did a good job today. At one point, he took a phone call while sailing in a race and kept talking. He is a true multi-tasker, and had a solid day of sailing, coming in fourth for the day.

Bill Hagerup was a consistent finisher, showing his usual good boat speed. He was often seen helping other sailors understand the meaning of rules while deconstructing situations from previous races. Bill’s quiet knowledge and keen sense of fair competition are always welcome. He came in second for the day.

Tim Wright was the winner. However, calls came in from certain spectators to check the boat for nitrous oxide or other forms of auxiliary power. Once, while finishing, Tim was asked if it was a good time to say he was over early. This particular spectator knew Tim wasn’t over early, but with mischievous humor had to plant a seed of doubt loud enough for others to hear.

The fleet of nine boats was three more than any other regatta this season. The spirited, but low-key racing was fun for all. The weather held out and the rain started shortly after the group broke up a little early after ten races. Some Back Bay US12 skippers will be sailing in the US12 Region 1 Championship this Sunday, July 14, in Nashua, NH. at 10 a.m.

It’s worth mentioning that Diane Labella showed up to sail her Soling, putting in some time at the controls. Lady Luck was not in her corner, however. Recently she has had problems with erratic control of the boat (electrical?), and she’s trying to troubleshoot to find the issue. Things went from bad to worse when the servo sail arm broke. She went to the Model Boatbuilding program and was helped by Mark Whitehead and Bob Brennan, but issues kept arising. Knowing Diane, she and her helpers won’t stop until the boat is in working order and back on the water. It was another wonderful day of sailing, and we look forward to next week

Back Bay Skippers at Nashua Regatta
On July 14, Nashua Model Yacht Club held the AMYA Region One US12 Regatta at Sandy Pond in Nashua, New Hampshire. The weather was warm and sunny, and morning winds were low, around 0-5 mph, that came from the WNW. Right around 10 a.m., the winds picked up to 5-10 mph and shifted around with small gusts.

US12s at Sandy Pond, Nashua NH
From left: Rick Gates, Rick Laird, Paul McBride, Jack Ward, Tim Wright, Don Ouimette, Jim Opie, and Jerry Leach

Seven skippers launched for this regatta on a wonderful day to match their skills against each other in eighteen races. The results were extremely close, resulting in a tie between three skippers at the end of the day. Each of the top three had thirty points, necessitating a tie breaker based on the number of first through fourth place finishes for each. Results:

    1. Don Ouimette, AMYA Region 1 Director
    2. Tim Wright
    3. Jack Ward, US12 Class Secretary

New Skippers Launch
The 2019 building class completed six new Solings.

In the photo are: Instructor Tim Wright, Builder Gary Martin, Instructor Bob Brennan, Builders Jack Minaham, Clinton Wolcott, Cameron Roderick, Nelson Steiner,  Chris Proctor (hiding in the back), and team leader Mark Whitehead. Not pictured: Instructor Anthony Quinn

2019 Boat Building Class
Clint Wolcott

Nelson Steiner and Jack Minaham launched newly built boats on July 16 and charged right into the fray. Clint Wolcott will have to wait till next week, but joined the regatta with a Rick Parent loaner. All three had grins from ear to ear — not unusual for newbies.

Nelson Steiner
Jack Minaham

July 16 Soling Regatta
The winds were certainly not what was predicted and a long way from six mph, but Back Bay winds are normally finicky, coming from all directions in fits and starts. Launching seventeen boats in split-class starts, the fleets completed nine races. In a split-class start the Master Class goes first, and as soon as the bell sounds, the one-minute countdown begins for the Sailor Class. The advantage is a much less congested start.

Reviewing Rules
Soling Launch

Out on the Water
Someone has been practicing!! Could it be Paul Wallace? He earned top honors for the day in the Sailor Class, with two firsts and four seconds. Congratulation, Paul! Paul McBride pulled off a strong second with two firsts and one second. Mac MacDonald sailed to third place with two second-place finishes. Denis Boisvert, one of our season leaders, sailed well but ran into trouble in the last three races, putting him in fourth place.

The Master Class was led by Tim Wright, taking five firsts and four seconds. Tom Greig had a strong showing for the day placing second with three wins and three seconds. Anthony Quinn had a great day landing in third for the day by virtue of being right near the top in almost every race.

Solings off the start
Join the Fun

Join the Fun
If you don’t want to build a boat, we’ll help you find a used one. Don’t want to sail? Just come and watch — we put on a great show every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 1:00 PM, weather permitting. Be sure to bring your camera.

Thank you for a great season!  The museum is now closed until spring 2021.

Thank you for a great season!  The museum is now closed until spring 2021.