After 5 years with the New Hampshire Boat Museum, the Lake Wentworth Sailing Regatta will return home to its original founders, the Wentworth Watershed Association. The Association will host the Wentworth Sailing Regatta in partnership with Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation for the foreseeable future.

Please visit their websites for more information. 

The New Hampshire Boat Museum hopes to create an expanded Sailing Regatta in the near future that will broaden the racing classes. 

Jump in your boats, unfurl your sails, and come to the Lake Wentworth Sailing Regatta. This fun event is open to sailors of all ages. There will be special classes for under 18 sailors, and there are many classes for different type boats.

We want to encourage young sailors to join us even if they don’t own your own sailboat. If you have completed the Racing Instructional Class offered by the Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation Department, you may reserve one of the New Hampshire Boat Museum’s Optis or Sunfish through the Town’s Instructor. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

After the races, awards will be given out and refreshments will be available. We encourage participants or their families to bring something to share, such as cookies, desserts, or soft drinks.

Proudly Organized by the Wentworth Watershed Association, and the Wolfeboro Department of Parks & Recreation.

We rely on volunteers make the Lake Wentworth Racing Regatta possible.
If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Museum at 603-569-4554 or
If you’re interested in volunteering for other Museum events or programs, please see our volunteer page.