When is the Auction?

It is an in-person and online event this year. Saturday, July 16, 2022, 10:00 AM

Preview Days are:

Thursday, July 14 • Noon – 5:00PM

Friday, July 15 • Noon – 5:00 PM

Saturday, July 16 • 8:00 -10:00 AM


Where is the Auction located?

Live In-Person and Online.

Across the street from the New Hampshire Boat Museum at the Nick Recreation Center, 10 Trotting Track Road (Rt. 28) in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, 03894.

Face masks are optional, especially for those who have been vaccinated.

Thank you for doing your part.


Do you take consignments?

Yes, however there is an approval process through our Auction Committee. For consignment inquiries email: auction@nhbm.org  Our website has a copy of the consignment form for viewing. Usually it is a 11.5% fee for boats and 6.5% for cars.


Do you accept donated boats, cars and other items?  

Yes, we love donations, but they have to be approved by an Auction Committee member. If you wish to donate an item please email a description and photo to auction@nhbm.org. Our website has a donation form for viewing.


How can I register to bid at the auction?

If you are going to be participating in the auction online, you may pre-register online at www.nhbm.org/auction and click on the link to view auction items.  From there you will register through Proxibid.com.  If you need help registering online then we can help during Preview Days.


What forms of payment do you accept?

All bidders purchasing item(s) over $5,000 must have a payment that is guaranteed. Payment options include cash, cashiers check,/bank check, or personal check guaranteed by an irrevocable letter of credit.  For item(s) under $5,000, cash, check or credit card can be used.

For items $5,000 and over, if paying by check, it must be guaranteed in order to remove your items the day of the sale.  Otherwise, you will need to wait until the check has cleared before removing your items.


Where do I pay?

New Hampshire Boat Museum will be processing payments through our point of sale system. You can pay in person the day of the auction. The Museum will  send invoices following the auction.


Does the buyer have to pay anything in addition to the selling price of the item?

Yes, there is a “buyers premium of 16.5%” which goes to the museum. If you pay cash the buyers premium is 13.5% See the website for details.


When can I pick up my items if I am the winning bidder?

Saturday July 16, day of sale, until 5pm.

Sunday July 17, 12 – 4pm

Monday July 18, 9am – 12noon

Tuesday July 19, 9am – 4pm

Shipping: For small items only, please contact the Museum to make arrangements.  Buyers are responsible to pay for packaging and shipping.

Boats and Cars: Buyers are responsible for picking up their boat(s) and car(s) or making arrangements for transport.


When can I get a copy of the manifest which lists all the items?

On Preview Day, Thursday at noon.


Is there a Parking fee?



Are the Preview Days ADA accessible?

Because the Previews are outdoors, weather can make the terrain uneven and pathways challenging. We have handicap accessible porta-potties.


When can I drop off my boat, car or other items?

Please confirm a time and place with an Auction committee member to drop off items. Boats cannot be dropped off prior to Monday, July 13. Keys, manuals or accessories to items must be labeled. All paperwork must be completed prior to drop off. Any item with missing or incomplete paperwork will not be auctioned. A museum representative must sign off on any items being dropped off.


How many boats and cars do you have?

We usually have at least 40 boats of all kinds and up to 15 cars, plus outboard motors and some boating and lake Memorabilia items.