RBR: Unlimited: Miss America VII

Miss America VII

Owner: Jeff Magnuson, Lyman, ME

Designer/Builder: Garwood


Miss America VII (number U-14) is a reproduction of Gar Wood’s 28-foot step hydroplane designed by Nap Lisee and built by Chris Smith, the founder of Chris-Craft, in 1928.  Powered by 2 Packard V12’s of 1100hp each, she defended Harmsworth Trophy in 1928, and in the same year set a world’s speed record of 92.8 mph.  But she was short-lived, being destroyed in a race in Venice, Italy in 1929.  Jeff”s reproduction was built in the Blueberry Hill team’s shop in 1999, and is powered by 2 Rolls Royce V12 612 hp engines.

Miss America VII-3