RBR: Historic: Scotty Two

Scotty Two

Owner/Driver: Bill Marriott, Mirror Lake, NH
One summer morning, Mark Mason, and owner of Scotty Too, Alan Larter took
Bill Marriot for his second ride in Scotty Too. His first occurred when he was a
teenager. Several offers to purchase Scotty Too followed, but the Larter family
refused to sell what had become for them, a family treasure. During 2009 Bill and
Mark discussed building a reproduction, with the Larter’s blessings. For Scotty
Two, Mason selected Steve White and Brian Larkin of Brooklin Boatyard, Maine,
to build the bare hull. It was brought to Laconia for all mechanical work. A 1918
Hispano-Suiza aircraft engine ws found in Michigan. Purchased, restored and
marine converted. Foundry patterns were located for the exact V-Drive gearbox
that has been running in Scotty Too. A complete gearbox was built from scratch
for the new boat. The boat you see today is a very close duplicate of the original
and even bears the original racing number G-27. Her name, pronounced the same
as the original Scotty Too, spelled with a twist…… Scotty Two.

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