Justa Fishn’ Bote


Owner/Driver William C. Esrich
Riding Mechanic William P. Esrich
Justa Fishn’ Bote was run in the APBA Vintage division by JS-77 (Jersey Speed Skiff)
Dick Daly in many events around the country, and participated
in the Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta in 2009. I got my
first ride in Justa Fishn’ Bote during the charity rides in 2009
at Wolfeboro. This was my first ride in a “Skiff” and I fell in
love with the boats. Dick Daly and I kept in touch, my son Bill
and I even went to Florida to meet Dick and ride in his restored
Forsberg “Wild Goose”. A year later, in January 2011, Dick called
and asked if I wanted “Bote”, without hesitation I said yes! I have
been thoroughly enjoying the skiff on Lake Winnisquam for the
past three seasons, giving many rides to friends and family!