Hot Pits



Wolfeboro Hot Pits 

Most of the parking lot at the Wolfeboro Town Docks is transformed into a staging and preparation area for the hydroplanes and other race boats that require “crane launching”.  This area has restricted access due to safety considerations and is referred to as the “hot pits.”  Because hydroplanes run on top of the water, are difficult to tie at a dock and are prone to leaking, they are kept on their trailers when not running on the course.  In the hot pits, maintenance crews work on the boats, engines and drive trains, and cranes lift the boats to and from the water.  This can be a dangerous place, with the boats being moved overhead.  While not likely, there is a chance that a lifting sling might fail and drop a boat but additionally there will probably be hot water draining from boats during recovery.  For these reasons, spectators are not allowed into the hot pits while race boat demonstrations are going on.


However, access to the hot pits is available to the general public when operations are suspended for the lunch period from about 11:00 until noon.  The owners and crews are friendly people, when they are not busy.  They are usually glad to answer questions, and if you think that you might want to take up the sport or are just curious about these amazing boats, this is a good chance to get more information.

Spectators must sign a liability waiver and receive a special wrist band in order to enter the hot pits during the lunch period.