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January 2017

Dax Rivera Receives Scholarship

          Dax sailed with the Back Bay Skippers this past summer and, like the rest of us, was immediately hooked. Thanks to generous donors, we were able to offer Dax a Soling kit scholarship, and he has joined the class of 2017 for building his own boat. The Back Bay Skippers enjoy encouraging younger skippers, and are pleased to have Dax join our group.

Dax Revera receives his Soling kit accompanied by his dad Steve




Class of 2017 Is Underway

          On January 17, a new class started building Solings, adding six new boats to the one hundred and thirty Solings we’ve built since 2008. The group patiently waited for kits to arrive and now are ready for action. Over the next few weeks, they will hone their building skills under the skillful tutelage of Bill Quayle, Anthony Quinn and Mark Whitehead.

          At the Ned Lakeman workshop, four more US12’s are in the works, adding to that fleet of twenty-three.

Left side, Mark Whitehead instructor, participants, Joel Nelson, Paul Wallace, John Bruker, Larry Urda, right, instructor Anthony Quinn, Dax Revera, instructor Bill Quayle and Warren Pond.



Winter Projects

        Leading the 2017 competition committee, Tim Wright has been busy organizing the schedule and guidelines that will be used this coming season. Every year, we try to make adjustments that help provide the best sailing experience. Dealing with a fleet of over twenty-five boats at any given regatta requires careful planning.

          Tim Brand has taken it upon himself to organize a dock committee. He felt that more dock space was needed to adequately handle the number of skippers launching and landing their boats. We are looking forward to the results of his effort.

          Planning for this year’s Region 1 Championship US12 Regatta is well underway – look for the event on June 10.







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