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July 11, 2017 

Spring Series Awards

          The spring series began May 16 and came to an end June 20. We planned to present the awards two weeks ago, but rain forced cancellation. Fourth of July celebrations filled the following Tuesday, and despite sunshine and perfect wind, there was no regatta due to family activities – we probably wouldn’t have found parking spaces anyway! This week we finally were able to recognize the winners.

          Spring Series Master Class

             1st Place                     Rick Lalley

             2nd Place                    Don Cundy

             3rd Place                     Al Posnack


          Spring Series Sailor Class

             1st Place                     Paul McBride

             2nd Place                    Brian Quinn

             3rd Place                     Ed Johnson


          Spring Series US12 Class

            1st Place                      Ned Lakeman

            2nd Place                     Bill Hagerup

            3rd Place                      John Simms


Weeds Make It Tough on the Solings

        We gave it our best shot July 11, but it would have been unfair to keep score with menacing milfoil grabbing some boats and not others. The winds were light, which compounded the problem. Skippers made the most of it by shortening the course, avoiding the worst of the weeds and just skipping the scoring.



Warren Pond Makes Progress

        It has been a struggle for Warren Pond, but he seems to have a handle on things after Ned Lakeman’s help putting final touches on his new boat.








US12 Sailing

          Although we have no news about the July 6 regatta, John McClun reports that on June 29, despite a threat of bad weather in the first race, the light wind was enough to push boats around the last mark toward home.

          During the wait for a couple of latecomers to get in the water and others to make sail modifications, the wind started to kick up. John Simms withdrew due to boat problems, but the second race eventually began with a fresh breeze, ending, however, with drizzle. The third and fourth races were completed as the rain continued to pick up, and everyone called it quits. “Better weather next week” was the parting wish of all the skippers.



Join the Fun

        The Solings sail on Tuesdays, the US12’s on Thursdays, both starting at 1 PM, weather permitting. If you prefer weekends, the Laconia club welcomes sailors on Lily Pond in Gilford Sunday mornings at 9 AM.

          It’s a great show, so bring your camera. For those who’d like to try their hand at the helm, we love to share. The younger set also can give the sport a try, using boats we bring just for them to sail.




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