About Us

The New Hampshire Boat Museum is an educational organization focusing on the boating heritage and life on the lakes and rivers of New hompage2029Hampshire. We serve the local community and visitors by presenting exhibits and outreach programs, events, publications and hands-on activities.


The New Hampshire Boat Museum was founded in 1992 by a group of dedicated antique and classic boating enthusiasts whose common goal was, “to preserve the boating heritage of the New Hampshire Lakes.” The museum founders, all active in the “antique boat world”, felt that a museum focusing on the impact that recreational and commercial boating had on the development of the lakes and tourism in the Granite State would increase appreciation, awareness, and help preserve these vintage craft.


The Museum, located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, two miles from the center of Wolfeboro near Lake Winnipesaukee features manyBack of Millie of the finest examples of vintage mahogany and antique boats, including; Garwood, Chris Craft, Century, Dodge, Penn Yan, Lyman and Hacker, on a rotating basis. The runabouts and race-boats are not the only craft we feature; also on display are canoes, guide boats, and sail boats. Whether you are an outboard, steam, paddle or sail enthusiast the displays; enhanced with archival photos, trophies and models, bring to life a truly grand era of boating.


Whether you love the fine craftsmanship of a vintage boat, the aura of a time gone by, or the camaraderie of being with people who share your interest in preserving the past; the New Hampshire Boat Museum offers you many venues to explore. You can become a member or volunteer on one of the many events or projects. You may have a boat, accessories or memorabilia that you would be willing to loan or donate for display. Or, you may have a special area of interest or expertise that you would like to share for a special event or lecture series.


In order to stay in touch with members throughout the year, the Museum maintains this active Website, and publishes a quarterly journal, “Boathouse News” which contains interesting stories about boats and the Lakes Region, upcoming events, what’s available at the Museum store, and boats that are for sale. We invite you to come, visit and explore the New Hampshire Boat Museum and the wonderful lake regions of New Hampshire.